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We are a professional guiding company based out of Salt Lake City that is bringing the off-road community an all new vacation experience!  Our company offers everything from single day rentals, to all inclusive, five day long excursions throughout the state. At Wild Point Adventures our goal is to deliver the highest quality dirt biking vacations possible, while taking all the hard work out of the customers hands. We provide all the necessary gear and equipment for all trips, as well as covering all the logistical work. At Wild Point Adventures all our guests have to do is show up with their bag and clothes, and our professional guides take care of the rest!



Owner of Wild Point Adventures, and Profesional Adventure Guide

Since the age of 15 Steve had the dream of creating a company that could offer the most unique version of a dirt biking vacation possible. Although the idea was very attractive there was much work to be done before he was ready create Wild Point Adventures. Post high school Steve attended the University of Missouri which led to to acquiring his professional scuba diving instructor license.  Through this he was able to travel to many parts of the world and learn the subtleties of the tourism industry.  With this experience and knowledge Steve went on to acquire a professional camping and hiking guide position in Utah. This job granted him access to the information he needed to finally make Wild Point Adventures a reality!  Steve is beyond excited to finally have this company off the ground and to be able to show his fellow riders just how unique and diverse, yet easy a dirt biking trip can be!


Campsite Operations Manager

From a young age Nick has been tent camping throughout the United States and by the time he started high school, he had camped in every state west of the Mississippi River. After high school he made the decision to join the United States Marines. While in the Marines Nick did training in various environments and brings this training to his camping knowledge.  After fulfilling his contract with the Marines he decided to go back to school at the University of Missouri where he met Steve.  After graduating Steve and Nick kept in contact and when Steve pitched his idea of Wild Point Adventures, Nick jumped at the opportunity to get back to the outdoors and do what he loves.

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